There have been major changes in infection control for the Food and Leisure Industry since the introduction of the Corona Virus (Covid-19). Ninja Goldfish has solutions that will benefit this industry and allow for comprehensive germ control for your facility. From personal hygiene sanitizers to products that will clean and disinfect, floors, walls, tabletop surfaces including food preparation areas. Below is a complete listing of our products and how they relate to the Food and Leisure Industry.

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Casinos Restaurants Food Service Grocery Stores Convenience Stores + Travel Centers
Zetrisil-Based Products (New Technology)
Hand Sanitizer – Foam
Hand Sanitizer – Gel
Hand Sanitizer – Spray
Body Spray
Sanitizing Soap
Sanitizing Hand Wipes
Skin Preparation Cloths
Topical Antiseptic
Broad Spectrum Disinfectant
Laundry Complete
Traditional Alcohol-based Products
Alcohol Wipes
Alcohol Prep Pads
Other Products
Liquid + Gel Hygiene Dispensers